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For almost a decade, I have been writing about being a parent to my three wonderful children. I like to share my opinions and beliefs about parenting: techniques, social and political issues, economics, and so on. I’ve written more articles than I can count on everything from breastfeeding to discipline and nutrition.


After writing for so long, it’s hard to think I’ll have more to write about. But as my kids get older I find that they change, they differ from each other in important ways, and therefore my priorities and opinions change. Of course, there is the ever-evolving social, political, economic and cultural landscape. In the end, my opinions are my own!

Top Doctors & Clinics in Vancouver for Parents

One of the things I know from experience, and from talking with other friends and family who are or were raising kids, is that it can be very difficult and frustrating at times trying to find good quality doctors and clinics. Things like doctors, dentists, therapists, and so on. You want people who you can trust, and who will treat you and your kids right. So for any parents who are in the Vancouver area, here is my list of the top businesses that I use:


Doctors & Clinics


Dr. Marjolaine Limbos - a Child Psychologist clinic that I’ve used when my oldest was being bullied at school, and dealing with the insecurity and anxiety as a result. It really worked wonders, and both my child and I both learned so much that I used to help raised my younger kids too.


Language Therapy 4 Kids - a clinic that provides speech therapy for children for any reason, in the case of my oldest child it was a disability. It was the reason for much of the bullying, anxiety and insecurity my child had to deal with in school, and they were effective at helping my child improve his speech.


Vancouver Pediatric Dental - a dental clinic that specializes in working with children, they also have orthodontics for if/when your children need braces or retainers. They were great with my kids, and I’ve used them for years now.


Point Grey Eyecare - Optometrists and eye doctors for people of all ages, my husband has used them for years but they also have a fantastic pediatric eye doctors and services. They helped spot an imbalance of eye strength in my youngest and correct it without any surgery.